Môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 10 Giải bài này giúp mình với ạ Thanks


Môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 10 Giải bài này giúp mình với ạ
Thanks Giúp em bài này với ạ em cần gấp, đừng copy nguồn trên mạng nha. Em xin cảm ơn thầy cô và các bạn nhiều.

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    câu nào không hiểu bạn hỏi mình nhé.



    28. doesn’t start.      29. won’t let.        30. goes.       31. sells.

    32. … whwn will you pay me.    33. rises.     34. works.        35. turns.

    36. burns.         37. don’t like.    38. will have.   39. see.     40. …, will you promise.

    II. 1. The boy said he was going to Paris the next month.

        2. His mother said he spoke very good English.

        3. His wife said she came from Italy.

        4. The policeman said he had escaped from prison the day before.

        5. The Mayor said they were building a new hospital in the village.

        6. The man said he had just bought a new computer.

        7. The woman said she would help Joe as much as she could.

        8. Mary said she worked 8 hours a day except when the children were on holiday.

        9. Tom said he hadn’t seen a film for ages.

        10. The woman said to the man that she thought she had met him somewhere.

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