Môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 11 Kịch bản truyện cổ tích bằng tiếng anh!!! Có nhiều nhân vật đóng Mọi ng giúp e với ạ. K chép mạng ạ


Môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 11 Kịch bản truyện cổ tích bằng tiếng anh!!! Có nhiều nhân vật đóng
Mọi ng giúp e với ạ. K chép mạng ạ Giúp em bài này với ạ em cần gấp, đừng copy nguồn trên mạng nha. Em xin cảm ơn thầy cô và các bạn nhiều.

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    Once upon a time, there was a king who is as old as Methuselah

    and as wise as Solomon. However, tragedy befalls one day. And the king’s lengthy rule came to an end. His only son, Gideon tried his best to claim the throne and continues his family’s long line of rulers, like his father, his grandfather, and his great-grandfather did. However, his adopted brother, 

    Rawly requited his father’s generosity with betrayal. Gathering his army and bodyguards, chased and hunted Gideon out of the castle, aiming to be the ruler. Gideon’s run was in full panic, day by day, his troops start to lower. Finally, one day: all of them died fighting Rawly’s army. Chased to the Leofil’s Deep….

    Gideon: Why are you doing this? You unscrupulous brother!

    Rawly: I grew up in the streets, thanks to him, I will now be king! why should I give you the rights to rule, when I first got into the castle, I knew one thing. I knew that this kingdom is MINE to rule!!! hahaha

    Gideon: if you want to be king… THEN DEFEAT ME IN COMBAT!!!!

    Gideon proceeds to charge at Rawly, who is fazed at first.

    However, contrary to what Gideon thinks.

    Rawly: men, kill him.

    As the men approach, Gideon is left with no choice. He had to jump. Into the Leofil’s Deep.

    Gideon: If I live through this, brother, I will have my revenge!

    And then he jumped.

    Down into the deep sea, Gideon got carried away by the water, into the shore of a mysterious island.

    5 years later….

    Waking up, Gideon sees himself living on the shore of an island, and in the middle of the island, he can see a tall tree.

    Gideon: How long have I been sleeping???

                  I need to find a way out of here…I need to get back at Rawly.

                  Maybe I can climb that tree, get a view of the surroundings.

    After half an hour of muscle-straining exercise, Gideon finally manages to climb onto the top of the tree.

    Gideon: The view from up here is gorgeous.

    After looking around for a lengthy period, unable to find a way back to his former kingdom, he gives up.
    Suddenly, behind him, a voice spoke up.

    ???: Maybe, I can help you?

    Gideon was so shocked he nearly jumped off the tree, turned around, and saw a woman with bewitching beauty, white skin, and deep blue eyes.

    I am the spirit of the ocean, Elysium.

    Gideon: Why would you help me?

    Elysium: In the olden age, your ancestor had protected this sea, In this age, your father did it. But now, tragically, the sea is being abused, destroyed, all by that brother of yours, “king” Rawley.

    Gideon: He is king now?

    Elysium: Yes, he is now, there is no return from this.

    Gideon: Then, can you please help me?

    Elysium: I grant you three things, an army of yourself, a sword strong enough to cut the mountains, and one thing of your choosing present on this island.

    Gideon: Thank you, great spirit!

    Elysium: HOWEVER, you are still weak and fragile, you have to train on this island for one month before your return.

    Gideon: Thank you, I shall follow your words.

    Elysium: I have created your army, they and the sword is waiting for you, I’ll let you decide what do you want for the last wish, in one month if you want notwithstanding.

    Gideon: Thanks, great spirit.

    Elysium: Please, call me Elysium.

    Gideon: Thanks, Elysium.

    Elysium blushes a little bit.

    Walking down the tree, Gideon met a man.

    Rodrick: Greetings fellow, This one name is Rodrick Amberforged but please, call me Rodrick.

    Gideon: Hello?

    Rodrick: Oh, I am part of thy army, the one that the great ol’ spirit call forth from the depths of the great sea to help you return your kingdom’s glory!

    Gideon: Depths of the great sea?

    Rodrick: Yes, back in this one time, there was machinery for thee to go on this depths, and combat shalt be on the sea.

    Henceforth, they began training.

    After days and nights of rigorous training, training so hard that every day, Elysium had to use her power to heal Gideon, a month finally passes.

    Elysium: So today you depart, state your last wish.

    Gideon: I, I want…

    Elysium: You can choose anything you want, and you shall receive it.

    Gideon: I want …you.

    Elysium: Me? Why?

    Gideon: I…wish you could be my wife.

    Elysium: Wish granted.

    As she says it, thunderstruck from the sky, waves start to hit, volcanoes erupted.

    Elysium: I am… a mortal now…how…how…how did you do that?

    Gideon: I am truly sorry, it’s my fault, please forgive me!!!!

    Elysium: No, I have lived for too long, life is now meaningless, I accept, I would rather live a happy life rather than an eternity of mind-numbing boredom.

    And they became husband and wife.

    On the day of return.

    Rawley’s rule is strengthened with blood, his army a thousand man strong. The taxes are harsh and the commoners are dying day by day.

    Walking through the road towards the castle, Gideon and his army meet some maltreated villagers.

    Ito: Mr, can you help us please, we are starving….

    Gideon: Why do you look so famished???

    Ito: the new king has been raising the tax annually, we can’t pay it anymore.

    Gideon: Here, take this.

    Gideon hands over a basket full of bread.

    Ito: Thanks, uncle!!!!!!!

    Gideon: It’s nothing, can you please gather your village here, please?

    Ito: Ok, Uncle, I’ll do it 😀

    After a while, she returned with a band of villagers.

    Cephas: Hello, I am the leader of this village, Cephas. And as you probably have known, this is Ito, my child. I remember you, the son of our old king, please take us with you to claim back the throne and remove Rawly”s rule.

    Gideon: No, you would risk your life doing so!

    Cephas: If I die, It’s for the greater good! Let me follow you!

    Gideon: What about Ito? What about her mother? Your villagers?

    Cephas: She died. Died from hunger, FROM RAWLEY.

    Gideon: I’m… Sorry

    Cephas: Then let me follow you, let them follow you!


    Gideon finally accepts. He travels through villages, gaining followers everywhere. Finally, he reached the castle. The castle, now without its former glory, filled with black, prickly bushes of blackthorn, the trees now dead, the animals now cry.

    Gideon and his army charges at the castle.
    Rawley: I knew this day would come… I have been waiting!!!!

    And the two had a battle, a battle that shook heaven and earth, ending with Rawley losing.

    Rawley: If I die, then, I shall end you!

    Charging at Gideon, Rawley tried his best but, got cut down by Gideon’s blade.

    Reclaiming the castle, Gideon instructed a massive reform and returned his kingdom to its former glory, and, together with Elysium, lived happily ever after.

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