Môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 7 I. Choose the best answer. 1. My new sofa is __________than the old one. A. more comfortable B. comfortably C. more comfortabler D.


Môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 7 I. Choose the best answer.
1. My new sofa is __________than the old one.
A. more comfortable B. comfortably
C. more comfortabler D. comfortabler
Giải thích đáp án: ________________________________________________________
2. My sister dances _________ than me.
A. gooder B. weller C. better D. more good
Giải thích đáp án: _______________________
3. This road is __________ than that road.
A. more narrower B. narrow C. the most narrow D. narrower
Giải thích đáp án: ________________________________________________________
4. He drives _________ his brother.
A. more careful than B. more carefully
C. more carefully than D. as careful as
Giải thích đáp án: ________________________________________________________
5. __________ she studies for these tests, __________ he will do.
A. The harder/the better B. The hardest/the best
C. The more/the much D. The more hard/the more good
Giải thích đáp án: ________________________________________________________
6. _________ James is, _________ he gets into his car.
A. The bigger/the hardest B. The hardest/the biggest
C. The bigger/the harder D. The more big/the more hard
Giải thích đáp án: ________________________________________________________
7. The more____________ my elder sister dinks, the fatter she becomes.
A. vegetables B. chicken C. meat D. milk tea
Giải thích đáp án: ________________________________________________________
8. __________ this exam is, _______ Linda likes.
A. The more difficult/the more B. The difficult/the more
C. The more difficult/the many D. The more difficult/the much
Giải thích đáp án: ________________________________________________________
9. _________ Lisa smiles , ___________ she becomes.
A. The more/the most graceful B. The many/the more graceful
C. The more/the more graceful D. The more/the graceful
Giải thích đáp án: ________________________________________________________
10. _________ Ely learns, __________ she knows.
A. The more/the most B. The many/the more
C. The many/the many D. The more/the more
Giải thích đáp án:
II. Put the verb in bracket into the present continuous tense or simple present tense.
1. What ____________ she (cook)________________ for dinner tonight?
2. What__________ she often (do) ___________ in the evening?
3. The last train (leave) __________ the station at 11 o’clock.
4. Keep silent! You (talk) ___________so loudly.
5. I (not stay) __________________ at home at the moment.
6. Now she (lie) __________________to her mother about her bad marks.
7. At present they (travel) ___________to New York.
8. He (not work) _____________in his office now.
9. Hoa (have)________________ a birthday party tonight.
10. We (practice) ______________ speaking English now.
III. Read the answers and complete the questions.
1. Where ________________________________________________________________ ?
I live at 215 Le Loi Street.
2. What time _____________________________________________________________ ?
I get up at six o’clock every morning.
3. What _________________________________________________________________ ?
I often brush my teeth and do morning exercise until half past six.
4. When ________________________________________________________________ ?
I usually leave for school at quarter to seven.
5. How _________________________________________________________________ ?
I walk to school.
6. Where ______________________________________________ ? At home or at school?
I usually have breakfast at home, but sometimes at the school canteen.
7. How long______________________________________________________________ ?
School time lasts from haft past seven to eleven o’clock.
8. How many lessons ________________________________________ in the morning?
I usually have three lessons in the morning.
9. How often ____________________________________________________________ ?
I have English lesson three times a week.
10.Which subject _______________ best?
I must say it’s Math. I like it best of all the subjects
Giúp em với ạ em bất lực qué Giúp em bài này với ạ em cần gấp, đừng copy nguồn trên mạng nha. Em xin cảm ơn thầy cô và các bạn nhiều.

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