Môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 7 Mog giúp mik vs các bạn!!!!


Môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 7 Mog giúp mik vs các bạn!!!! Giúp em bài này với ạ em cần gấp, đừng copy nguồn trên mạng nha. Em xin cảm ơn thầy cô và các bạn nhiều.

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    Hi [Your Friend]
    I’m going on holiday with my family in Son Doong Cave. Sightseeing was great, despite the rainy weather.  You know what?  Son Doong cave is the longest cave in the world and I can explore it. The cave is in the heart of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park with rich flora and fauna in Quang Bình Province. Coming to this place, you will admire the beautiful natural wonders that everyone loves. Son Doong Cave is also an old cave, it is about 3 million years old. It opened to public in 2013 with 5 km long, 200m tall, 150m wide. You can do many interesting activities there like go trekking and camping. Son Doong Cave is wonderful!  I hope you can come here one day and enjoy the fresh air and some beautiful natural places that the city do not have. That is enough for now. Have a nice day. 

    Waiting For Your Letter

    [Your Name]

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