Môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 8 mn ơi giúp e vs ạ e đg cần gấp ạ plss e cảm ơn trc ạ


Môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 8 mn ơi giúp e vs ạ e đg cần gấp ạ plss e cảm ơn trc ạ Giúp em bài này với ạ em cần gấp, đừng copy nguồn trên mạng nha. Em xin cảm ơn thầy cô và các bạn nhiều.

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    17. The brochure gives hardly any useful information.
    ->Precious little information is given in the brochure.

    18.The government shouldn’t let this situation get worse.

    ->This state of affairs shouldn’t be allowed to get worse by the government.

    19. The completion of the work was scheduled for last week.
    -> The work was to be completed last week.

    21. Most newsagents these days have ice-cream available all summer.
    -> Ice-cream can be available all summer in most newsagents these days.

    22. I took my car to the garage last Saturday and they resprayed it.
    -> I had my car resprayed by the garage last Saturday.

    23. The collision didn’t damaged my car much.

    -> Not a great deal of damage was caused to my car by the collision.
    24. The critics were very impressed by her performance.
    -> Her performance made a strong impression on the critics.

    25. I have frequently made stupid mistakes like that

    ->Many’s the time I have made stupid mistakes like that.

    26. The manager wrote a long ungrammatical report
    ->The report written by the manager was long and grammatical

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